What is Nemmy’s Gallery?

About driftwood to handle

All the driftwood sold at Nemmy’s Gallery went directly to the sea and was picked up.

Carefully wash with a brush, soak in bleach for at least half a day, and wash with water. Let it dry for at least 2 days.

Driftwood has characteristics such as shape, toughness, and lightness created by the power of nature, and I think it is a suitable material for interiors.

However, most driftwood gets in the way at beaches and is thrown away.

I wish I could create some value in such driftwood (* ^^ *)

What is macrame knitting?

It is a technique to create a pattern by repeatedly tying and knitting strings by hand.

It is derived from the Arabic word “mikurama (meaning braid)” and the Turkish word “makurama (towel)”. It is said that the word comes from the way the hemp bag is tied on the back of an Arabian camel.